Morrisonville-9:30 A.M-7 P.M
Harvel-9:30 A.M-6 P.M
Morrisonville-12:00 P.M-5:00 P.M
Harvel-12:00 P.M-5:00 P.M

Notice: Morrisonville Farmers Cooperative will be taking there drying to 1.5 cents per half point or 3 cents per point. Starting September 30th 2019

Harvest: We continue to roll through this harvest. To this point on beans we have seen 330,000 bu and a moisture average of just under 13%. While corn comes in at 1.1 million bu and an average moisture of just below 19%. Corn has seen some decent drying on planted dates prior to 5/28/2019 and seems as though anything planted after that can be ranging from 24%-30%. Time will tell how much more we can get this remaining crop to dry down for the farmer.

Beans coming across the scales continue to be around 10%-14% moisture and clean and good test weights. 

Weather: Well it has been great harvesting weather the last 2 days for beans as they continue to slowly mature and corn alike. 

Market: Well we see another jump in the market on news of GTE ratings dropping off 1% on corn and 2% on beans. Corn took a jump up 9 cents today and beans followed slowly behind at 5 cents on the day. I would expect maybe we could see another day of this heading into Thursday's USDA report. The report could be an interesting one if enough harvest data has made it to the numbers. We shall see Thursday. 


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